Data and Information

The Fast Patrol Boats (FPBs) are developed based on the proven hull design of the FIB which has been successfully in service with the Royal Brunei Navy since 2011. The FPB is designed to be a cost effective solution which provides many operational flexibility. It can be adapted to different operational missions such as Boarder and Coastal Patrol and Surveillance, Criticial Infrastructure Protection, Law enforcement, Search and rescue, Troop Transport and Humanitarian Evacuation.

Ongoing refinement of design has ensured that the vessel is design for high operational availability and easy maintainability.


Type: Fast Patrol Boat


Carry up to 26 pax for troop transfer configuration

UAV operations off aft deck to facilitate patrol, SAR and other humanitarian operations

Optional weapon system configurations to meet requirements of protection forces

Dimensions and Crew

Displacement: Approx 46t
Length: Approx 22.7m
Beam: Approx 5.5m
Draught: Approx 1.0m
Crew: 4 – 10 (depending on configurations)


2 x Diesel
Total Power: Approx 1,750 kW
Propellers: Twin waterjets
Speed: > 30 kts


Integrated Radar, GPS, Magnetic compass, Electric compass, AIS, Echosounder, EO (Optional)


Optional Remote controlled 12.7mm gun